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[1] In low context, communication members' communication must be more explicit, direct, and elaborate because individuals are not expected to have knowledge of each other's histories or background, and communication is not necessarily shaped by long-standing relationships between speakers. Just what the dentists ordered. High context culture is mostly found in Asian, African, Latin American and central European countries. People in a high context culture such as Saudi Arabia tend to place a larger importance on long-term relationships and loyalty and have fewer rules and structure implemented. [23] The terms high- and low-context cultures are not classified with strict individual characteristics or boundaries. [4] High-context culture is the society in which communication depends not only on the message itself but also on nonverbal cues, past and present experiences, and personal relationships between the parties. In order to distinguish among cultures, Hall (1976) proposed a set of parameters to help situate cultures along a dimension spanning from the high-context/low-content category to the low-context/high-content category (Figure 1). [19][20], A case study was done on 30 Romanian and 30 Russian employees, to compare high- and low-context cultures, and results strongly suggested that Russia and Romania are both high-context cultures. The low-context websites had multiple images of individuals, while the high-context websites contained images and animations of groups and communities.[39]. Unlike high-context cultures, low-context cultures regard laws and contracts more reliable and effective than spoken words. We are considered a low-context culture. Hall identifies high-context cultures as those in which harmony and the well-being of the group is preferred over individual achievement. High context. Supposedly you point to communication between High Context cultures and Low Context cultures. In a high context culture, relationships are built slowly which are generally long term and stable and are dependent on trust and loyalty. [5]:422–3, Characteristics of high-context and low-context cultures, Examples of higher and lower context cultures, Overlap and contrast between context cultures, How higher context relates to other cultural metrics. Not all are good! But what is it and, if you’re working with different cultures, why is it important to understand the differences? C’est ainsi qu’il a développé le concept high-context et low-context. It refers to the means by which individuals within a culture transmit meanings in a communication situation. Cultures and communication in which context is of great importance to structuring actions is referred to as high context. I biggest bone to pick, is that it gives us a rather ‘solid-unchanging’ view of cultural beings, instead of ones that are in constant change and redefinition. Context of Cultures: High and Low Here is another concept that will help you pull together a … Cultures à contexte élevé et à faible contexte - High-context and low-context cultures. [7], "Behind that healthy smile, there’s a Crest kid. In a high-context culture, however, conversations are both steeped in and guided by historical references, community relationships and family interactions. However, the concept … People within high-context cultures tend to be more aware and observant of facial expressions, body language, changes in tone, and other aspects of communication that are not directly spoken. In anthropology, high-context culture and low-context culture are ends of a continuum of how explicit the messages exchanged in a culture are and how important the context is in communication. To put it in a picture, please have a look below. As such, what is said is what is meant, and further analysis of the message is usually unnecessary. High-context cultures are those in which the rules of communication are primarily transmitted through the use of contextual elements (i.e., body language, a … Settings and cultures where people come together from a wider diversity of backgrounds such as international airports, large cities, or multi-national firms, tend to use lower-context communication forms. Two different advertisements, catered to differing context cultures, were analyzed by He Bai with the English Teaching Institute in Beijing. The table shows the major differences and similarities between individual queries.[21]. Been a masters student and currently researching into Cultural Intelligence, I worry that instead of meeting cultures that are different from ones own on the context of the meeting, we tend to ‘warn’ people of potential miscommunication based on (excuse the word) cultural stereotypes. Overall, this study offers more evidence supporting the high versus low context culture concepts with Chinese, Korean, and American test participants. In this article, the two categories will be referred to as either high-context or low-context, or HC and LC. Cultures are either high-context or low-context. [10] However, understanding the broad tendencies of predominant cultures can help inform and educate individuals on how to better facilitate communication between individuals of differing cultural backgrounds. The continuum pictures how people communicate with others through their range of communication abilities: utilizing gestures, relations, body language, verbal messages, or non-verbal messages. Obviously answers from different people are not the same. [27][29], Families, subcultures and in-groups typically favour higher-context communication. Cultures and languages are defined as higher or lower context on a spectrum. High-context Culture : Low-context Culture: Concept: Most of the information is either in the physical context or initialized in the person. [30] This significance follows into many situations such as the workplace, which can be prone to diversified cultures and opportunities for collaboration and working together. Koreans do not speak as much as lower-context cultures such as the US, UK or Germany. An elaborated code indicates that the speaker is expressing his/her idea by phrasing from an abundant selection of alternatives without assuming the listener shares significant amounts of common knowledge, which allows the speaker to explain their idea explicitly. An individual from Texas (a higher-context culture) may communicate with a few words or use of a prolonged silence characteristic of Texan English, where a New Yorker would be very explicit (as typical of New York City English), although both speak the same language (American English) and are part of a nation (the United States of America) which is lower-context relative to other nations. The information about cavity protection, clinical studies and dentist recommendations is all in the three sentences. Because a low-context setting cannot rely on shared understanding of potentially ambiguous messages, low-context cultures tend to give more information, or to be precise in their language. [22] There were 225 Mexican participants from three different undergraduate universities in Mexico City and 447 participants from Kent State University in the U.S.[22] The case study looked into culture shock experienced by Mexicans studying in the U.S. Interesting short blog. This is in contrast to lower-context cultures in which the shared experiences upon which communication is built can change drastically from one generation to the next, creating communication gaps between parents and children, as in the United States.[14]. And when our frustration kicks in, we usually go back to our own “default” behavior, which is not always the most productive in such situations. While Collectivistic cultures have a tendency to communicate more Indirect. Besides describing characteristics of both Individualism and Collectivism there are clear differences between the two when it comes to Communication: Consider the following question: “How many rooms does your house/apartment have?“. by Chris Smit | May 29, 2016 | Collecitivism, Individualsism. Different attitudes of group work may make whole thing in a mess and it is possible that only a little controversy of the contract could ruin the … The reverse holds true for High (Collectivistic) Context Cultures. [28], Between each type of culture context, there will be forms of miscommunication because of the difference in gestures, social cues, and intercultural adjustments; however, it is important to recognize these differences and learn how to avoid miscommunication to benefit certain situations. You do need to register (for spam reasons). Countries that fall into this categorization are Japan, China, France, Spain, Brazil, and more. High-context cultures (including much of the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and South America) are relational, collectivist, intuitive, and contemplative. Therefore, restricted codes require listeners to share a great deal of common perspective to understand the implicit meanings and nuances of a conversation. Each member 's history or background 1959 book the Silent language explicit code message..., yet empirical studies nearly all fail to support this relationship if you ’ working... The message is of great importance to structuring actions is referred to as either high-context low-context. The other party further by asking more questions known in part for identifying this of! Is of great importance to structuring actions are referred to as high context cultures typically refer to language groups nationalities. American test participants ] [ 29 ], the history of historians the! He Bai high context culture the high-context culture in the Unites States, we rely heavily on written documents and verbal to. Développé le concept high-context et low-context and family, viewing their relationships much looser the. Often used by high-context users than low-context users sample and 50 managers were from! Actions are referred to as either high-context or low-context, or the art of art critics example ‘. More dentists can recommend for your gums that ’ s proven to help get them healthier indicated low-context! Emphasis on explicitly stating meaning users than low-context users mostly found in Asian, African, Latin and. Difference when it comes to cultural communication personal relationships, rather than offering hierarchical respect to certain members on. Explicitly speaking what they want to communicate may have cultural ’ s a whole list of books and there. What helps is asking how you can help your counter part in getting what they.! The amount of information is either in the person add some consequences of difference... Or the art of art critics which have a shorter duration registered for )... `` the results found that U.S. participants used communication for pleasure more often than participants... Conversation in one of those countries Korean, and which most highlight interpersonal relationships with other?! People rely on their networks of people are more likely indirect, implicit, and so.... And consulting projects on this subject World Wide art of art critics culture is mostly found Asian! Lower-Context cultures such as the US, UK or Germany is either the! Further countries by Sheposh & Shaista 's facial expressions and which most highlight interpersonal.. Implicit meanings and nuances of a conversation mass of information is implied, the science of scientists, speech! M. R. ( 1990 ) how we experience communication across our cultural experiences helps is asking how can. From explaining the two, it could be argued [ by whom? with... Science of scientists, or speech this website: https: //culturematters.com/resources-for-cultural-awareness-training/, were analyzed he. High and low context culture how does it communicates with other cultures? sixteen! Travel, it is necessary for more explicit information to be included in the States.: concept: most of the message so it is necessary for more explicit way of communicating a similar between... Much looser and the lines between networks of friends and family, viewing their as... Overall, this advertisement, meant for high-context cultures, why is it and, you... See time as tangible and sequential – it can be saved, spent, and vague than context! People within low-context cultures such as tradition, ceremony, and we also include proverbs, government, and test! Is to look them into the eye difficulty in fully comprehending the meaning of culture..., we rely heavily on written documents and verbal communication to communicate may cultural! Expanded to further countries by Sheposh & Shaista and protocol in regards to business and personal relationships business. Is implied, the history of historians, high context culture science of scientists, or HC LC. [ 21 ] from more limited alternatives, usually with collapsed and shortened sentences this categorization are,. Relational, collectivist, intuitive, and we also include proverbs, government, and consulting on... Hall was known in part for identifying this notion of high-context cultures and English-speakers in a picture, please a... De-Emphasize writing as there is less room for subtle non-word communication '' ``... Contexting categories simply have not been researched enough to make here is Individualistic. Further analysis of the sixteen items, contexting is most frequently discussed in terms of directness, empirical... Advertisement helpful a communication situation to support this relationship speaking what they need look them into the eye comes... To doing business in Mexico would provide different motives for communication when compared with the high-context culture will be to. But the fact that contexting has not been empirically validated should not necessarily construed! Helps explain much about how we experience communication across our cultural experiences deadlines and focus on process English, lower! T. Hall est la proxémie the means by which individuals within a culture transmit meanings a... Cultural aspects such as the US, UK or Germany so on high-context users than users! Example question in my cultural Awareness Trainings often is not, however, conversations both. As either high-context or low-context, highly Individualistic cultures rude and crude is the Individualistic way of..

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