Banners Printing and Design

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 9.00.54 PMBanners are good promotional and advertising media for both indoor and outdoor use. With proper storing and maintenance banners are reusable for many years.

Indoor banners are perfect for indoor use, as they are typically lightweight and printed on one side only, yet strong and durable! They can last you anywhere between 3-5 years, with proper care and storage. They’re printed on a 13 oz semi-matte vinyl, with hi resolution digital ink which makes the design look vibrant and professional. The finished product comes with hems and grommets

Outdoor banners are generally used for outdoor events – from parties to parades, festivals, concerts and business purposes.
Outdoor banners are typically printed on a thicker vinyl, since they are meant for outdoor use, and they need that extra strength to withstand weather conditions. They can last you anywhere between 1-3 years, with proper care and storage. Regular outdoor banners are printed on an 18 oz semi-matte vinyl (although, the 13 oz vinyl can also be utilized outdoors), with high resolution waterproof ink which won’t budge or smudge – rain or shine! The finished product can come with hems, grommets, pole pockets and wind slits, or with all together. Outdoor banners are easily mountable to stands, fences, walls, gates, etc, using ropes, hooks, bungee cords, zip ties or poles.

Mesh Banners are mainly used outdoors due to ability to allow sound and wind passing through material.It is made of mesh banner material that is lightweight and therefor good alternative to vinyl banners at windy conditions. Can be used at windows as well because it permits daylight going through and allows visibility.

The benefits of advertising banners are:

• It is a mass medium capable of making a rapid impact
• The frequency of impact upon passers-by builds a cumulative effect
• Big and colorful posters create a startling impact
• Banners in train, bus and other public places can be aimed for captive audience
• Posters can be located close to the points-of-sale; examples are posters and banners of oil, lubricant or any motor accessories near gas stations and car showrooms