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Now is imperative to protect all our clients and their customers. We are now producing signs and signage to prevent, protect, and combat COVID-19.

Our turnaround is quicker than other companies, because we produce all of our COVID-19 signage locally. After your order is placed and paid, your sign is expedited to take only 2-3 days to arrive because we want all our customers to be ready to be back in business as soon as possible.

We have pre-made designs, but we can also make any adjustments to fit your design and your corporate identity without affecting our expedited turnaround. We can also produce all our COVID-19 signage in different mediums, sizes, and formats such as: stickers, decals, banners, traffic signs, metal signs, window signs, self-adhesive posters, “A” frames, boards, and tent-table.

The staff at Signcityinc is committed to serve and respond to your needs, and we understand all the hardships that are being faced during this global crisis.

Please contact us today via email: signcityinc@gmail.com or over the phone: 240-380-5474. We are working 7 days a week!

We are able to produce in short turnaround:

• Glass Door COVID19 prevention icons
• Floor decal graphic indicating 6 feet apart (recommended for social distancing)
• Decal or Metal sign Preventing COVID19 for restrooms
• Decal or Metal signs Preventing COVID19 for common areas
• Custom Sneeze guard for counters, cashiers, reception/lobby

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