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Digital Menu board

Digital Menu Boards allow clients to present their menu and advertise their business using a large flat screen TV. Menu boards can be used to list a restaurant’s fare, or provide a dynamic slideshow with photos of your restaurant’s dishes.

Digital Menu Boards operate on HD TVs, which are available in several sizes.

Whether you are a quick-service or fast-casual restaurant, convenience store, auto repair shop, bank, or virtually any service-oriented business, you must always be enhancing your offering to maintain your competitive edge because your customers cannot order what they cannot see.

Enhance the customer experience with vivid product imagery:

• Easily change specials and messages by time of day, shift, demographics, or seasonal patterns
• Provide customers with real-time “order up” status
• Control content and via USB
• Integrate social media feeds to create a customer-centric, “share-worthy” atmosphere

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