Why choose us?

The right kind of sign can make you stand out from the others, and give you that professional look.

Your sign is your image, it makes you money by bringing customers to your door.

All of our signs come with a one year warranty, and we proudly stand behind our work. All electrical materials are UL listed and come with a 4 and 5 year warranty from the manufacturer, and all products are built to UL specifications and city codes.

Our signs are locally and custom built in our warehouse facility. By using the latest technology and processes in the sign industry, there is no job too big for us to handle!


Your sign is your image, it makes you money by bringing customers to your door.

  • Signage should not be viewed as an expense, but rather as an investment. Getting your name out to potential customers can make or break a new business.
  • The average business generates 50% of sales from signs. In city areas, 85% of businesses customers live within 5 miles. – Small Business Association
  • Vehicle graphics can create an increase and awareness of your products or services. They are like moving billboards.
  • Signs trigger impulse buying. 2/3 of shoppers buy on impulse. – “What Shoppers Say and What They Do” by Scott Young, 2008
  • Outdoor media reaches 96% of drivers/passengers – “The Arbitron Outdoor Study.” 2001
  • An outdoor sign makes better use of your advertising money than the traditional advertising media of TV, newspapers, or radio. Customers avoid television and radio commercials by using iPods, TiVo, and satellite radio.
  • The best signs attract attention; we are an image-based culture.
  • A sign will work for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • People often judge a business by how it looks on the sign. – SBA.gov
  • A sign is your introduction and handshake with those passing by, identifying your business to existing and potential customers. – SBA.gov
  • Many merchants increase their business measurably just by adding a good sign. Conversely, many have gone out of business because they simply were not identified well, so not enough potential customers knew of their existence. – SBA.gov
  • “Those who take signage seriously and make it part of their overall marketing see profound results.” – United States Chamber of Commerce.


When starting or promoting a business consider the following.

  • Do I have storefront signs or do I need the road sign panels re-lettered?
  • Can my potential customers see me well from the road?
  • Would an awning make my storefront more presentable to customers?
  • Do I have vehicles that need lettering or logos on them? What about a digital wrap?
  • Can I put signage on my windows? Do I need store hours on the doors?
  • Do my employees need uniforms or matching shirts screen-printed or embroidered?
  • Do I want to promote my business with promotional items? (Pens, cups, coozies, etc.)